What is this? reading group starts Sept 2024

What is this? reading group starts Sept 2024



What is this? Ancient questions for modern minds

by Martine and Stephen Batchelor

Sundays from 8 September on Zoom

PLUS a Q&A session with Martine Batchelor after the final session


What is this? by Martine and Stephen Batchelor front cover

A series of talks given by Martine and Stephen Batchelor during a Sŏn (Chan/Zen) retreat in England, What is this? leads us through the practice of radical questioning at the heart of this Korean Buddhist tradition, showing how anyone at all can benefit from this form of radical inquiry today.

Stephen and Martine show how a practice with its origins in China 1000 years ago can meld with insights from the natural sciences, classical and modern western philosophy, Romantic poetry, and early Buddhism.

This reading group will discuss one chapter each week on Zoom for 14 weeks. 



Session start times in a range of time zones

  • Hawaii 8am HST
  • US/Canada west coast 11am PDT
  • US/Canada east coast 2pm EDT
  • London 7pm BST
  • Paris 8pm CEST

As with many book reading groups, this one will determine how to share the facilitation process among participants during its first session.

While there is no fixed fee to take part, to confirm your place in the group we ask that you send USD $40 by PayPal to generosity@tuwhiri.nz. This will be returned to you after the second session. At the end of the course, dana will be collected for the facilitator and the two authors.

When you register you will be sent a code to get 10% off What is this? Ancient questions for modern minds in our online store.

To download the free Guide for reading group and individual study click here

To take part 
For more info and to reserve your place send us an email.

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