Donations and bequests – a lasting legacy

Donations and bequests – a lasting legacy


The Tuwhiri Project is a social enterprise that is wholly owned by Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, a charity registered in New Zealand.

A bequest to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust that you specify is for The Tuwhiri Project will help ensure that future generations will be able to benefit from the educational resources that Tuwhiri produces.

For those who leave a bequest, it is generally in recognition of the work Tuwhiri undertakes to share an understanding of a secular dharma, and the pleasure and enjoyment they derive from being part of the global Tuwhiri community.

There are many ways your gift can be used and acknowledged that can be a lasting tribute and legacy. It might, for instance, enable Tuwhiri to produce a particular book, offer an advance to a teacher to write a book or create an online course, or support the educational development of a community.

When making your will, it is a simple matter to include a bequest to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust for The Tuwhiri Project. Please talk about this with your lawyer or other advisor when preparing your will.

If you’ve already made a will, a simple way to leave a bequest to The Tuwhiri Project is to alter your will by making an amendment called a codicil. We recommend that you seek the advice of your lawyer.


Generosity is the habit of freely giving without expecting anything in return

All donations are gratefully received, no matter which country you live in.

As Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, is an NZ-registered charity, donations by New Zealand taxpayers may qualify for tax rebates.

To talk about any aspect of contributing to The Tuwhiri Project by bequest or gift, please speak with Peter Cowley on +64 22 610 2910 or send him an email.


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